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Litigation Support


As a forensic accountant, I can assist attorneys throughout litigation by investigating and identifying pertinent facts in the case, preparing for depositions and trials, assisting in drafting settlement proposals, and make attorneys' overall jobs easier by allowing them to focus on critical aspects of their cases.

I can provide expert witness testimony in the areas of personal injury damages, commercial damages and lost profits as well as in family law and divorces.

Within the areas of family law and divorce, I can assist attorneys in community property partitions by creating and analyzing a marital balance sheet, determining and calculating reimbursement claims, and identifying built-in capital gains. Likewise, I can offer supplementary support  through income determination and lifestyle analysis for spousal support and child support purposes.

Business Valuations


As a Certified Valuation Analyst, I am positioned to provide you with an accurate, credible and defensible business valuation. I take a comprehensive approach to valuing your, or your client's business by analyzing the unique financial and non-financial aspect  of the business.


My business valuation reports comply with the professional valuation standards set forth by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts.

Income Tax Prep


Today's tax rules and regulations are complex and always changing for individuals as well as small business owners. As your trusted tax professional, I don't just prepare tax returns, I can help minimize your tax liability now and in the future by getting to know you, your life, and your unique needs. 



Knowing where your business stands financially takes more than just reconciling your checkbook. I can assist in your monthly accounting and bookkeeping so you can have the information you need to keep your business thriving.

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